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Alpha industries

ALPHA INDUSTRIES is currently our main brand, and we have successfully developed its sales in Poland. It is a clothing brand with over 60-year-old tradition, with roots in the US military aviation. Noverom TC has been the exclusive agent of Alpha Industries in Poland since 2011..

From that moment on, the sales of Alpha Industries goods in Poland have been growing dynamically each year, with numbers multiplying.

Alpha Industries clothing and accessories collection includes items for women, men and children, such as: jackets, sweatshirts, trousers, T-shirts, shorts, hats, bags, accessories. During the year, two collections are introduced: spring-summer and autumn-winter collection.

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We will provide you with the highest standard of service, including:

  • taking seasonal and current orders,
  • monitoring order execution and solving possible order-related problems,
  • payment monitoring,
  • initiation and execution of actions and campaigns in social media,
  • comprehensive aftersales service and handling of complaints.

We welcome cooperation from

  • Clothing stores,
  • Sports boutiques, including sneaker stores,
  • Military stores,
  • Independent online stores and those located on trade platforms,
  • Specialist stores, e.g. offering accessories such as: bags, hats, etc.

Terms of cooperation

Alpha Industries USA is represented in Europe by Alpha Industries Europe with its registered office in Germany. Noverom TC is the exclusive agent of Alpha Industries in Poland, therefore, all transactions are conducted through us. Terms of cooperation are very convenient and support financing of purchases.


History of Alpha Industries

Products by Alpha Industries have had an incredible success on global markets, as this is a brand with an excellent tradition, authenticity and a rich history. This aspect is very important for final buyers, which leads to better sales results. Discover the legacy of the brand.


Celebrities choose products of Alpha Industries

Hollywood stars discovered classic Alpha Industries bomber jackets long ago. Thanks to celebrities, this style has been quickly popularized, and the jackets have become a much wanted, if not mandatory wardrobe item for fashion enthusiasts all around the world.

Below you can see which celebrities have chosen products of Alpha Industries.


Classic products


The classic U.S. Air Force flight Jacket for over 60 years. Introduced in the 1950`s the MA-1 became the classic…

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A major change in U.S. Military Flight Jacket design occurred when the CWU-45/P replaced the MA-1 in 1977.The Nylon version…

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The Design was completed in the years 1940-1943. Today, more than 70 years later, the same field jacket design with…

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The N2B flight jacket was used by U.S. Air Force - air and ground crews in extreme cold weather. It…

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In 1945, the U.S Army Airforce issued the Jacket, Aircrew, Heavy, Type N-3, the first of a long line of…

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Alpha industries