What we do

We represent well-known brands

For 10 years, we have offered Alpha Industries clothing and accessories for women, men and children, including jackets, sweatshirts, trousers, T-shirts, shorts, hats, bags, and other accessories. The collection is divided into two seasons: spring-summer and autumn-winter. We are the exclusive agent of Alpha Industries in Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

We welcome collaboration from:
clothing stores, sports boutiques, including sneaker stores, military stores, internet stores, specialist stores, for example offering accessories such as bags, hats, etc.

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We will introduce your brand into Polish market and bring sales to a satisfactory level by:

  • finding customers,
  • taking seasonal and current orders,
  • monitoring order execution and solving possible order-related problems,
  • payment monitoring,
  • initiation and execution of actions and campaigns in social media

We maintain close contacts with the best distribution channels.

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We help to develop private labels

We find footwear and/or textile producers in China during visits at trade fairs. We comprehensively handle import transactions, mediate in all agreements, order production, organize deliveries of manufactured goods. Currently, we are providing our services in the area of footwear for:


We also offer advice on how to build a strong own brand in Poland and on the open global market, following best practices in this field, and sharing our own experience.

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We will solve every problem

Development of a business is a never ending chain of problems within the organization itself and outside, which must be solved. Problems never end because every business must evolve all the time in order to be successful. Sometimes it may seem that there is no way out… but a good analysis of the problem and a suitable solution help us move to the next level on the way to success. We can help achieve that. We have a gift for solving problems. Our competences lie in particular in the area of:

  • Wholesale and retail trade,
  • Brand management,
  • Marketing,
  • Planning and budgeting.

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