The classic U.S. Air Force flight Jacket for over 60 years. Introduced in the 1950`s the MA-1 became the classic flight jacket of the jet age. Designed for use in the cold weather climates (-5°C). Reversible to high-visibility Indian Orange for use in emergencies. By reversing their jacket to the orange side, downed pilots could easily be located by search and rescue teams. The MA-1 Jacket was introduced in 1959 and issued to pilots until 1977. Jack Yeager was wearing this jacket when he breaks the sound barrier. 57 sewing operations in the manufacturing of every Alpha MA-1 assumes quality construction.

1. Lining parts are joined and turned back using a ¼ raised stich.
This gives the lining added comfort, as well as more finished appearance when reversed.

2. Quilting stich on storm flap is constructed per military specifications, using a diagonal
stich with points 3 inches apart.

3. Needle feed machine stitching on most seams allows both sides of jacket to be sewn
without distorting seams.

4. 57 sewing operations in the manufacturing of every Alpha MA-1 assures quality

5. Utility pocket is constructed according to military specifications with 8 separate sewing
operations. Bar tacks at 6 key stress points ensure durability.

6. Nylon Fabric meets military specifications. This DuPont Type 6-6 Flight Nylon offers the
high lustre, durability and performance found only in authentic military jackets.