The Design was completed in the years 1940-1943. Today, more than 70 years later, the same field jacket design with only minor modifications is still in use. The most recent Army Field Jacket Model is the “M-65” which appeared in 1965. For 30 years, the M-65 has been the workhorse of the American infantry. Special Nyco Satin outer shell with 225lbs breaking strength. 139 separate sewing operations go into making a M-65. Double closure front zipper and snaps so that soldiers could crawl on their stomachs without running the risk of having the coat snag on anything.

1. Military specification NYCO Sateen outer shell is abrasion-resistant, tear-resistant, wind-resistant, water-repellent and passes the U.S. Government’s 225lb. breaking strength test.

2. Bar track are stitched at 27 key stress points. Each jacket goes through 139 sewing operations , as required by military specification, to assure durability.

3. Brass front and hood zipper are stronger than plastic and virtually unbreakable. Front zipper must exceed the D.O.D.’s 50 lb. holding strength test and have a crosswise breaking strength of 250 pounds.

4. The concealed hood is attached with a full 12 inches of stretch knit per military specification. This ensures that the hood fits correctly, will not twist or tear out the and guards against rain seeping inside the coat.

5. Every button and snap is reinforced with two or more layers of fabric to assure they remain attached.